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Laser Cutting Machines

How Fiber Laser Cutting Machines are Helpful?

Gone are the days when access to Fiber Laser cutting machines was impossible due to skyrocketing prices. Today, these machines are more affordable to a wider range of industries and businesses than ever before. Thanks to advancements in manufacturing and falling component costs, these high-end machines are now much more affordable and accessible. So, what exactly are these laser cutting machines? And how can they be useful for different industries? In this article, we will read about these aspects in detail. So, let’s get started.

What is a Fiber Laser Cutting Machine?

Fiber laser cutting machines are the pinnacle of high-power, precision metal-cutting technology. Fiber laser cutting machine works on laser beams fired from the laser generator. It focuses on a high power density laser beam via the optical path system. We provide solutions up to 12kW using high-power fiber-optic laser sources starting at 500W. High-powered sources can be used to cut up to 25mm of mild and stainless steel and 15mm of aluminum. Fiber laser cutting machines, depending on the power and suitability of the laser source, can also process other non-ferrous materials such as brass and copper and come in a variety of bed sizes.

How Does it Work?

The laser beam strikes the workpiece's surface, causing it to reach the melting or boiling point, while the high-pressure gas aligned with the beam blows away the melted or vaporized metal.

The material is finally cut and slit with the beam movement and the relative position of the workpiece to achieve the purpose of cutting.

Laser cutting uses invisible beams to replace the traditional mechanical knife. It has fast cutting, high precision, fast cutting, automatic typesetting saving material, no restriction on the cutting pattern, smooth incision, and low processing cost.

Materials You Can Cut from a Fiber Laser Cutting Machine?

The finest fiber laser cutting machine can cut a wide range of materials.

  • Steel (Mild)

    The fiber laser cutting machine can cut mild/carbon steel; the thickness you can cut is determined by the power source you use.

  • AISI 316L Stainless Steel

    Cutting stainless steel with one of the machines is simple and precise.

  • Aluminum

    The fiber laser cutter can easily cut aluminum

  • Copper and brass

    Because of their high reflectivity, both of these materials necessitate the use of a specialized reflective absorption protective device* before they can be processed on a Fiber Laser.

Range Of Fiber Laser Cutting Machines

Instead of the original imported 5-axis laser, a fiber laser cutting machine can do the flat cutting, angle cutting, edge neatly, smoothing on the metal plate, and mechanical arm. When compared to traditional CO2 laser cutting machines, fiber laser cutting machines take up less space and use less gas. Moreover, they have a higher photoelectric conversion rate, are new energy-saving. As environmental-protection products, they are also among the world's leading technology products.

The following are the range of fiber laser cutting machines for sale at World Machinery Ltd.

Buy the Best Laser Cutting Machine for Sale At World Machinery Ltd

At World Machinery Ltd., we understand that fiber laser metal cutting machines are an expensive investment. As a result, we provide complete delivery, installation, commissioning, and onsite training. However, our dedication to the customer does not end there. Our highly experienced team of service engineers is available to provide service and maintenance at a frequency and urgency appropriate for your budget.

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