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Used Press Brakes

Used Press Brakes

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Bystronic Xpert 250/4100 New

Bystronic Xpert 250/4100

Bystronic Xpert 250/4100Tonnage 250 tonBending length 4100mmStroke 265 mmDistance between sides..

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Edwards Pearson PR6 100/3100 New

Edwards Pearson PR6 100/3100

Edwards Pearson PR6 100/3100Tonnage 100 tonBending length 3100mm Bending speed 1 to 10 mm/secMo..

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Edwards Pearson RTA6025 New

Edwards Pearson RTA6025

Edwards Pearson RTA6025Tonnage 60 tonBending length 2500mm Bending speed 1 to 10 mm/secEuro 111..

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LVD PPEB 320/40

LVD PPEB 320/40Tonnage 320 tonBending length 4000mmDistance between sides 3200 mmBending speed ..

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Promecam RG5020 New

Promecam RG5020

Promecam RG5020Tonnage 50 tonBending length 2050 mm Infra-red light guardsSide & rear ..

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Safan Darley H Brake 320 x 4300 New

Safan Darley H Brake 320 x 4300

Safan Darley H Brake 320/4300Tonnage 320 tonBending length 4300mmDistance between sides 36..

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