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LOYALMAK CNC Plasma and Oxy Cutting Machines

LOYALMAK CNC Plasma and Oxy Cutting Machines

WORLD MACHINERY has over 40 years experience in providing quality new & used sheet metal working machinery.  We specialise in laser cutting machines, CNC punch and turret presses, plasma and waterjet cutting machines along with pressbrakes and guillotines. We supply both new and used machinery to the UK market and we aslo export worldwide. Your machinery export enquiries are always welcome.


Our stock is constantly changing so please view our current stock items from the menu above . We have specialist engineers who can advise you on the suitability of all equipment for your application and our installation engineers will fully commission your equipment before handover when required. All machines can be seen under power at our extensive showroom and demonstration facliities.


If you can't see the particular machine you require please contact us as we may have the machine you want avalable or due in soon. If you have sheet metal working machinery for sale please contact us for a quotation. Your part exchange is always welcome and finance for your purchase can be arranged (Subject to status).

We  work with:-
Finance for Business UK Ltd
Who can provide you with finance for the purchase of our machines.

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  • LOYALMAK CNC Plasma and Oxy Cutting Machines
  • Table Sizes 1000 x 2500 - 4000 x 24000
  • Power Source PWM45 - XPR300
  • CNC Control Hypertherm Micro Edge pro
  • Software Hypertherm 
  • Helical rack & Pinion drive systems 
  • Solid steel construction designed for higher speeds

    Fume extraction table with pneumatic switch control, exchangeable grills, dross collecting

    system which allows clean, safety and healthy working environment by vacuuming dust and

    fume which raises during plasma cutting process

    High precise positioning possibility with linear sledge system in all axis‘

    Synchronised drive allows a smoothly and vibration free motion

    Brushless AC servo motors ( on all axis‘ )

    Pinion and gearrack drive system facilitates smooth and fast motion

    Up to +0,01 mm precise positioning

    Automatic heigth control and automatic ignition torch system

    Torch collision protection

    Windows based CNC control unit

    Vestige plate stock management database with optional auto-nesting programm which provides

    economy on material and saves time

    In comparison to laser cutting, plasma cutting decreases the cost of the process by 25%. With

    similar cutting quality, plasma is a preferable alternate to laser cutting.

    Cutting surface is close to 90 degrees and the vertical roughness tolerance is in minimum level

All new machines supplied by World Machinery come with a warranty.

We can also offer full extended warranties with on-site maintenance services giving you full peace of mind

If you would like further information please contact our sales

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