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Amada Pega 357 45 Stations

Amada Pega 357Max sheet size 1270mm x 1830mmWith one auto-reposition 1270mm x 3660mmMax material thi..

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2002 Amada Quattro

Amada QuattroX axis 1250 Y axis 1260  Z axis 120Axis speed 30mm.minPositioning accuracy +/..

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2003 Amada FO-3015 LKI AS LUL 300 FO

Amada FO-3015 LKI ASUL 300 FOAxis Traverse Distance 3100 x 1550 x 120 Z axis Fanuc AF-4000E las..

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2005 AMADA HFT 2204

AMADA HFT 220-4 CNC PRESS BRAKETonnage 220 tonBending length 4100mm Bending speed 1 to 10 ..

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2007 Amada LC3015X1NT

AMADA LC3015X1NT LASER3050 mm x 1550 mm x 120mm Z Axis4.0Kw Power on 23965 Beam on 13729&n..

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2012 Amada FO M2 3015NT

Amada FOM2 3015NTAxis Traverse Distance 3070 x 1550 x 200 Z axis Fanuc AF4000i-B laser 4.0..

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Amada EUROPE 245

AMADA EUROPE 245Bridge Type construction 1270 mm x 1000 mm2540 mm x 1000 mm..

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Amada GS 630

Amada GS 630 3050mm x 6.5mm 60 spm Numerical Control operated back stopsBac..

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Amada GS11 840

Amada GS11 8404050mm x 8.0mm 50 spm Pendent Control operated back stopsBack..

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AMADA HFB 170-3 New


AMADA HFB 170-3 CNC PRESS BRAKETonnage 170 tonBending length 3100mm Bending speed 1 to 10 ..

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AMADA HFB 5020 CNC PRESS BRAKETonnage 50 tonBending length 2000mm Bending speed 1 to 10 mm..

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AMADA HFE 8025 CNC PRESS BRAKETonnage 80 tonBending length 2500mm Bending speed 1 to 10 mm..

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AMADA ITS 125-3 7 Axis CNC Upstroking Press Brake New

AMADA ITS 125-3 7 Axis CNC Upstroking Press Brake

AMADA ITS 1250-3 CNC PRESS BRAKETonnage 125 tonBending length 3100mm Stroke 100mmOper..

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Amada LC1212 A3

Amada LC1212 A-3Max Processing Size 2540mm x 1250 including one reposition Fanuc 1500W res..

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Amada VIPROS 358

AMADA VIPROS 3581280 mm x 2535 mm30 tonpunching forceFanuc CNC 45 stations 4 auto-indexExc..

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